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Mailing Invoices in Denmark

To send invoices for posting, scanning and sending them directly to the accounting system through an app or by email is the easiest way. However, there are other options to consider as well. One such option is downloading a dedicated phone app for sending invoices, which allows an entrepreneur to take a picture of an invoice and send it directly to the accounting system. It's also possible to send invoices through email using a special email address provided by the accounting system or by both snail mail and email. Additionally, invoices can be saved in a Dropbox folder and shared with the accountant, or delivered in person. Invoices for posting should be sent monthly, but for small businesses, it may be done quarterly.

Businesses in Denmark should furnish their accountant with various documents, such as:

  1. All supplier invoices issued to the company.
  2. Sales invoices issued outside of the accounting system should be sent to the accountant in PDF format, in case the entrepreneur does not invoice sales in the accounting system.
  3. Daily cash reports for entrepreneurs running a restaurant or store who receive cash payments from customers.
  4. Receipts for smaller purchases, which are accepted by the Danish tax authority for amounts up to 700 Danish kroner. However, it is advisable to take invoices for all company expenses, or use a company credit card.
  5. A bank statement showing all payments made.

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