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Summary of the Annual General Meeting for Danish Companies

Danish limited liability companies such as IVS, A/S, and ApS must have their annual report approved by either the directors or shareholders at a yearly general meeting.

What is important to know about the preparation of the report of the annual general meeting?

  1. The annual general meeting in Denmark is called "ordinær generalforsamling".
  2. If a company has a board of directors, its members also attend the meeting.
  3. The annual report must be submitted to the business office on VIRK within 5 months after the end of the fiscal year.
  4. The annual report needs to be approved by the shareholders and the board of directors before it can be filed with the business office.
  5. If a company has a board of directors, the annual report should include various information, such as the election of the chairman for the annual general meeting, the chairman’s report on the course of the year, discussion of the discharge of the board of directors, proposal by the board of directors to distribute the royalties and the result of the members of the company, questions from the shareholders or the board of directors, and presentation of the annual report for approval.
  6. If a company does not have a board of directors, but only a minimum of one director, the annual report should include information such as the director’s report on the course of the financial year, election of the chairman of the meeting, proposal for the distribution of the result, questions from the director or shareholders, and presentation of the annual report for approval.

Each Danish limited liability company has a specific set of articles of association (vedtægter) that were created during its establishment, which outline the topics that are to be discussed during the annual general meeting. A summary report of the meeting (generalforsamling minutoll lat) should be produced afterward.

It's crucial to make sure that the topics covered in the report align with those outlined in the company's articles of association.

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